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Trees are just as likely to be hazardous as they are to be beneficial. While it may seem odd that a fall or other damage to a tree can be hazardous, it does happen. Whether it’s a fallen tree on your property or an uprooted tree that’s blocking the road, Albert’s Tree Service keeps customers safe by removing fallen or damaged trees from their properties in a safe and timely manner.

At all times, we are ready to perform whatever service may be needed. Every day and every night, we’re on the job for you. Whether you have a tree that has fallen on your property or need to remove one from your yard, we can help throughout the entire process.

The reasons your tree becomes a safety hazard are:

1. Damaged tree
2. Need to trim branches years after they were put up (this can cause mold)
3. Need to find a place to store your tree
4. Security concerns because of the height & weight of the tree
5. Allergies and respiratory issues from the sap
6. The tree being hit by cars/trucks or falling onto a person’s roof or house

While most businesses keep regular business hours, it is foolish to assume that those are the only times you might need service. If a tree lands on your house in the middle of the night, for example, you will likely need emergency tree service to pick up, prune or trim your tree. Holcomb Tree Service offers 24/7 service for trees that may be dangerous or vulnerable. For more information, please reach out to us at (214) 815 8048 and arrange a free estimate, or contact us online to emergency tree care in Dallas TX!

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Albert's Tree Services offers different solutions according to the tree services needs. Our company prides itself in making your dream project a reality, attention to detail, and 100% guaranteed. If you have any questions about our services, write us for more information and we will gladly contact you. ​


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